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Mentors from the Organization of Latin American Students at Ryerson

Gabriela Greggain

Program of Study: Engineering

Latin Background: Mexican

Interests: Art, music

Juan Carvajal

Program of Study: Chemical Engineering

Latin Background: Colombian

Interests: Networking with influential individuals.

White Background
Karyssa Chininea-Aleman

Program of Study: Languages and Intercultural Relations

Latin Background: Salvadoran

Interests: languages, politics, reading, dancing

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Adriana Reinoso

Program of Study: Marketing Management

Latin Background: Peruvian

Interests: Marketing, Finance literacy and helping others.

David Cardenas Ochoa

Program of Study: Geographic analysis

Latin Background: Ecuadorian

Interests: Geography, accounting, politics (not very in-depth though), soccer.

Fernando Marte-Henriquez

Program of Study: Global Management Studies & Finance.

Latin Background: Dominican Republic & El Salvador.

Interests: Helping others and enabling their success .

Andres O’Brien

Program of Study: Graphic Communications  Management

Latin Background: Venezuelan

Interests: Soccer, gym, business